Creating Perfection in Gaming Experience

Our Vision

With its excellent product Icon’s vision is to grow steadily and progressively evolve in the gaming industry. Our main aim is to promote our products in the global gaming industry through our wide knowledge and capabilities. Our focus is to become a major key player in the Casino and interactive Gaming Industry through our gaming content, our state of the art technology and our profound knowhow of gaming aspects.


Icon Gaming offers an exciting work environment. Great opportunities are available for people with the appropriate skills ranging from entry-level positions to top-level professionals in fields such as IT, Research and Development, Administrative Support, Product, Finance as well as skilled Technicians and Operators. Icon believes in investing in a strong team environment that constantly researches at every level.

People at Icon Gaming like to think out of the box and to push the boundaries of gaming to the next level both for operators and players. Our main company strategy is diversity and flexibility to provide Icon’s product to people with different requirements cultures and traditions.


At Icon Gaming we embrace a mentality to create a work environment in which all employees will develop to their full potential. All our hiring and promotions are based solely on the employees’ qualifications and performance.