Icon's GameMax multigame is created to diversify a full range of casino games, with different features and volatility so as to complete the satisfaction of players with game interaction and content. Game sets Max 1, Max 2 and upcoming Max3 are the creation of perfection in gaming experience!


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Lucky Blue Bar
Lucky Blue Bar will take you to the next generation of reel stepper games. For players who love the excitement of simple old fashioned gaming.
Paylines: 5
Volatility: High
Magic Ball Dream
Look into the magic ball and discover the future. Wealth and fortune, riches and happiness. What will the future reveal on every spin?
Paylines: 10
Volatility: High
Classic Fruits 20
Classic fruits slot game, with great animations and graphics takes old time gaming to the next generation. For players who love the excitement of classic gaming with more pay lines!
Paylines: 20
Volatility: Medium
Lucky Orange Bar 10
Lucky Orange Bar will reveal great Bars and Fruits in a classic gaming environment. For players who love the excitement of simple gaming from the past.
Paylines: 10
Volatility: Medium
Barbarossa pirates
Pirates storm the seas looking for treasures. Travel all over the world and search for long lost hoards and riches. What wonders are hidden in the depths of the seven seas?
Paylines: 20
Volatility: Medium
Fruit Haze
Next generation fruit game with colorful graphics and exciting features. For players who love fruit games with exciting retriggering Free Games Bonus feature.
Paylines: 30
Volatility: Medium
LuckyBlueBar ClassicFruits20